Miriam Linder Cabinetry

fine handmade furniture from Portland, Oregon

Woodworker Miriam Linder builds fine furniture in Portland, Oregon. A woman-owned and woman-run business, Miriam Linder Cabinetry is proud to offer a fresh interpretation of this piece of traditional American furniture. The pie safe is a freestanding cabinet built of solid hardwood with traditional joinery, hand-punched tin panels, mortised butt hinges, and a matte milk paint finish.

The Pie Safe

Based on traditional food storage cupboards of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, this hardwood cabinet features hand-punched tin panels and a milk paint finish.  Its elegant proportions, crisp joinery, matte finish, and decorative tinwork combine to create a beautiful focal point in any room.

As a freestanding piece of kitchen furniture, the pie safe provides ample storage for dishes and kitchenware, dried goods and preserves, and, of course, for pies.  Its shallow profile fits easily in many spaces, and five adjustable shelves offer flexible storage options.  The back is fully finished and divided into three vertical panels.

All design, tinwork, woodwork, and finishing by Miriam Linder in Portland, Oregon.

Color: Pictured here is a clay-red wash.  Other colors include dark green, deep blue, and warm yellow.

Dimensions: Height 54"; Width 30-3/4"; Depth 13-3/4"

Price: $4000.

Now accepting orders.