Miriam Linder Cabinetry

fine handmade furniture from Portland, Oregon

Woodworker Miriam Linder builds fine furniture in Portland, Oregon. A woman-owned and woman-run business, Miriam Linder Cabinetry is proud to offer a fresh interpretation of this piece of traditional American furniture. The pie safe is a freestanding cabinet built of solid hardwood with traditional joinery, hand-punched tin panels, mortised butt hinges, and a matte milk paint finish.


He who has made a thousand things and he who has made none, both feel the same desire: to make something.
— Antonio Porchia

Always drawn to the decorative arts, I started woodworking as soon as I could, entering high school at that moment when shop classes opened to female students. I took woodshop at John Adams High School in Portland, Oregon, and continued at San Francisco State University, under the inspiring tutelage of John Kassay and Robert Treanor.

I have had a variety of woodworking jobs -- building museum exhibits, doing architectural millwork, and, mostly, in high-end kitchen cabinetry. In 1998 I established my own cabinet shop. After many custom projects, large and small, I return to the type of woodworking that delights me most, constructing freestanding domestic cabinetry, traditional forms revisited and freely reinterpreted. First is that homiest of all cabinets, The Pie Safe.